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Individual Counselling

We Help People With

  • Relationship difficulties whether at home or work.
  • Recurring uncomfortable feelings such as anger, anxiety, depression, helplessness or low self-esteem.
  • Struggles with grief.
  • The desire to change unwanted and destructive behaviour such as addiction or excessive drinking.
  • The effects of abuse
  • The search for a better life through growing and developing.
  • Any other issues that would benefit from a psychological approach.

The Benefits of Individual Counselling

  • Being able to understand yourself in a safe confidential place.
  • The support of someone on your side.
  • Better relationships with your family, friends and at work.
  • Learning to cope better and resolve past hurts and abuse.
  • The ability to change unwanted behavior.
  • Learning tools and techniques that work to help you.
  • Finding a better life for yourself.

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Couples Counselling

We Can Help Couples

  • When they no longer communicate.
  • When arguments seemingly come out of no where.
  • Arguments continually re-occur without resolution.
  • You or your partner no longer trust the other.
  • Sex has stopped or is causing problems.
  • Where there has been infidelity.
  • When separation or divorce seem like the only option.
  • Where violence has occurred.

The Benefits of Couples Counselling

  • Helps people who want to stay together, stay together.
  • Helps eliminate destructive conflict between a couple.
  • Teaches couples how to handle conflict constructively.
  • Promotes friendship between a couple.
  • Encourages partners to be appreciative of each other.
  • Encourages partners to be supportive of each other.
  • Teaches people how to create a meaningful life together.
  • Providing a safe space away from family and friends to sort out your relationship.
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