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Who we are

An Edinburgh-based counselling and psychotherapy service, Counselling Conversations' commitment is contained within the Latin roots of our name. These are ‘to keep company with’ people while they ‘deliberate’ and ‘converse’ about their concerns in order to ‘turn themselves about’.

This reflects the research evidence which is consistent in emphasising that good therapy is based on the relationship that develops between people rather than the therapist’s specific theory or modality. At Counselling Conversations we see each person as being the expert on their own life with the therapist being an expert in conducting Counselling Conversations.

Principal Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Richard Casebow MA.Hons., Dip. PCP Psychotherapy and Counselling, UKCP registered

Richard holds a diploma in PCP Counselling and Psychotherapy and is a member of the Personal Construct Psychology Association of which he has been Treasurer and Company Secretary. He is registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Richard also teaches the Alexander Technique at the Edinburgh Alexander Centre which he founded in 1994.

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Life Coach / Tutor

Jenny Newland BSc (hons) Psychology., Dip. PCP Psychotherapy and Counselling


Jenny is trained in Personal Construct Psychotherapy which provides a practical,  optimistic, respectful and forward thinking framework for both her coaching and educational work. 
Working with Jenny is not about receiving treatment or advice. It's about establishing how you’d like things to be, working to overcome whatever it is that's holding you back from living the kind of life that you want to be living and realising dreams that have been on the back burner for too long.
Jenny also  provides maths tutoring, specialising in helping those who, for whatever reason, do not fit easily into the school system or who struggle to work in ways that are expected in school.

Jenny holds a Diploma in PCP Counselling and Psychotherapy and is also a qualified kayak coach.

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